Earth's Top Destinations for the Explorer

Big Island is one of the youngest and most geologically alive islands within Hawaii. Visitors and locals alike can explore active volcanoes (Kīlauea, Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa), craters that span over 13,000 feet deep, the majesty of the crystal clear waters through scuba diving and freediving, world-famous manta ray night dives, and more.

Adventurers can expect to see spotted eagle rays, turtles (honu), whale sharks, pilot whales, dolphins, pelagic manta rays, and humpbacks during whale season. 

Within forty-five minutes of Miami rests Key Largo and Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. A few hours past these beautiful landmarks is Key West, the southernmost point of the Florida Keys, as well as the continental US. Visitors can immerse themselves in tours for birdwatching, snorkeling, kayaking, and scuba.


Explorers will experience the rich life of the mangroves, freshwater jellies, local reefs such as Molasses Reef, sea turtles, reef fish, nurse sharks, barracuda, and more. The Florida Keys also offers visitors a chance to meet recovering sea turtles at Sea Turtle Hospital. 

Maui, also known as the Valley Isle, features some of the best Pacific-based destinations for diving, snorkeling, and hiking. Visitors can trek through waterfalls, rainforests, or even travel upcountry and the remote town of Hana. The Pacific waters boasts sightings of humpback whales, dolphin, pelagic mantas, turtles, moray eels, reef sharks, and more.

Some of the most popular dive locations include Molokini Crater, Lanai Cathedrals, and Molokai, a great spot for hammerhead sightings. Maui also offers the opportunity to explore popular wrecks like St. Anthony’s, Helldiver (a WWII plane), Carthaginian, and more.

Home of Honolulu, Waikiki Beach, Pearl Harbor and the North Shore, Oahu is an essential destination for every explorer or surfer. Throughout the island, visitors can see unique wildlife through hiking trails, dive and snorkeling tours at Waikiki, or even just by visiting Halewia Harbor. Oahu boasts some of the greatest ecotourism and boat charter companies, some of which WildVoice collaborates with. Prepare to be amazed (at a safe distance) by the big waves at Bonzai Pipeline or Waimea Bay.


Ocean adventurers will be able to swim amongst tropical reef fish, sea turtles (honu), and various species of sharks such as tiger, oceanic white tip, hammerhead, black tip, and even the endangered Galapagos. 

South Florida is not only home to one of the largest diving communities across the globe, but is filled with rich history- both under and above water- and is headquarters to multiple dive agencies such as NAUI, TDI/SDI, and PFI. Rich spring waters and cavern systems (similar to the cenotes of Tulum) allow explorers to see manatees and a plethora of unique freshwater fish.

The ocean shores of South Florida boast of an incredibly rich reef ecosystem and deep waters. Florida’s Atlantic waters houses creatures such as the goliath grouper, barracuda, reef fish, and many breeds of sharks such as tiger, nurse, bull, lemon, silky, sandbar, and more. 

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