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Public Safety Diver™

Public Safety Diver™

If you have the opportunity to work with local authorities and be part of a scuba diving rescue team or conduct search and recovery dives, and maybe even underwater criminal investigations, this is the course for you. Although public safety diving can be a fun and exciting adventure, it’s serious and requires special training. The PADI Public Safety Diver Specialty course gives you a solid foundation to build upon and teaches you both surface and underwater skills that you may need on the job.

You’ll be introduced to the special procedures, equipment, scene handling, communications, and documentation requirements for a public safety diving operation. During four open water dives, you’ll practice compass navigation, knot tying, arc search techniques, victim recovery, rope-pull communications, and rescue techniques for a distressed public safety diver, plus plenty more.

Other Details:

  • Minimum age: at least 18 years old
  • Prerequisites: To enroll in a Public Safety Diver course, you must be certified as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver. You also need to earn your PADI Rescue Diver certification by the end of the course.

Work with local authorities, be part of a rescue team and, quite possibly, assist in underwater criminal investigations.



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