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Intermediate Freediver Level 2

Intermediate Freediver Level 2

The PFI Intermediate Freediver course teaches competent and comfortable freedivers essential safety and problem management for breath-hold diving. It places special emphasis on proper technique development. This program also includes details on training and equipment for diving to depths up to 40 m/132 ft.

Take This Course If

  • • You have basic experience in scuba, freediving, and/or spearfishing
  • • You’re interested in freediving in the 25-40 m/80-132 ft range
  • • You’d like to learn to hold your breath for over three minutes
  • • You’re not sure of extended freediving physiology or the physics that affect you during your freedives and want to know the details
  • • You want to learn how to safely deep dive

The Course Covers

  • • Intermediate safety and buddy procedures
  • • Proper ventilation for gas saturation and volume
  • • Equipment for intermediate freediving
  • • Psychological aspects of freediving
  • • Detailed physics and physiology of freediving
  • • Confined-water static apnea development
  • • Open-water constant ballast development
  • • Techniques for intermediate freediving

Other Details

  • • Minimum age: 12 years of age with parent/guardian permission
  • • Prerequisites: Freediver course or equivalent experience with freediving, spearfishing, or scuba diving (general comfort in the water).
  • • Depth: Basic freediving experience and can achieve depths anywhere from 6-30 m/20-99 ft with relative comfort.
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