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Freediver Course Level 1

Freediver Course Level 1

This program teaches fundamental freediving techniques. It allows you to comfortably enjoy the aquatic world to depths of up to 20 m/66 ft. You will also practice static apnea. This helps develop your breath-holding abilities and in-water comfort.

Take This Course If

  • • You’re interested in learning the fundamental techniques of freediving
  • • You’re new to freediving
  • • You typically dive in the shallows
  • • You want to dive safely
  • • You want to hold your breath longer
  • • You want to dive deeper

Learn Topics Such As

  • • Essential safety procedures for breath-holding at the Freediver level
  • • Proper breathing techniques for freediving and snorkeling
  • • Confined water skill development i.e., static apnea
  • • Open water skill development i.e., techniques for depth diving
  • • Equalization for depth diving
  • • Equipment for freediving and snorkeling
  • • The fundamental physics and physiology of freediving; understand what happens to your body at depth

Other Details

  • • Minimum age: 10 years of age with parent/guardian permission
  • • Prerequisites: Swimming or snorkeling experience. Good health and fitness.
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