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Open Water Diver

Open Water Diver

PADI® Open Water Diver is the first scuba certification level. A highly-trained PADI Instructor will teach you how to scuba dive in a relaxed, supportive learning environment.

By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to dive at home or abroad and be an ambassador for the underwater world.

eLearning covers self-study material. Your dive operator will charge training fees.

Take This Course If You Want to

  • • Explore the other 70 percent of our planet
  • • Support ocean protection
  • • See things you’ve never seen before
  • • Learn from a scuba diving expert
  • • Carry the world’s most recognized scuba certification

Learn How to

  • • Be a confident and skilled diver
  • • Assemble and use scuba gear
  • • Manage your buoyancy
  • • Respectfully approach marine life
  • • Handle common problems

Other Details

  • • Minimum age: 10 years or older
  • • Prerequisites: A. Able to swim (Float or tread water without aids for 10 minutes; Swim 200 metres/yards with no aids or 300 metres/yards with mask, fins and snorkel) B. Medically fit for diving (see medical form)
  • • Total time commitment: 2-7 days
  • • eLearning time commitment: 5-10 hours
  • • Depth: expect shallow dives (12m/40ft), the maximum allowed depth is 18m/60ft

Learn about scuba diving principles and terminology (either offline or online), then learn basic scuba skills in a pool (or pool-like environment) with a highly trained PADI Instructor. When you’re ready, make four dives in an open water environment (the ocean, a lake) with your instructor supporting you every step of the way.

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