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One Ocean Diving Education Program

One Ocean Diving Education Program

A majority of our educational outreach occurs on our boat dives and through our social media accounts. Those combined have allowed us to reach a range of people across the world. We believe that first-hand experience is imperative in changing people’s misconceptions about sharks, and being in the water with these animals helps facilitate a new appreciation and understanding.

However, we understand the importance of educating and supporting students of all ages! They are our future and we want them to grow up with respect and appreciation for our oceans and the animals that inhabit them. That is why the One Ocean Diving Education Program visits classrooms, home schools, and private groups that want to learn more about shark and marine conservation.

Our educational efforts include more than visiting classrooms and teaching students, we provide internships and research positions at One Ocean Diving, and work with individuals/groups globally who are involved in animal conservation. We also host 4 beach cleanups a year here on Oahu, and we partner with other organizations and individuals who are holding beach cleanups across the world to provide support and resources when necessary.

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