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Ocean Ramsey’s Shark Safety Guide

Ocean Ramsey’s Shark Safety Guide

This is the end-all, be-all digital course for shark behavior and safety. World-renowned researcher and conservationist Ocean Ramsey explain critical information to minimize the potential for adverse shark encounters and maximize appreciation of sharks in her exclusive online course spanning 20+ video lessons.

Learn about shark personalities, shark language, and practical tips to keep safe if you encounter a shark – and what to do in the highly unlikely scenario that a shark bites you. If you want to learn more about sharks and safety, the buck stops here.

Course Contents:

  • • Welcome to Ocean Ramsey’s Guide to Sharks and Safety
  • • Shark Behavior
  • • Avoiding Adverse Interactions with Sharks
  • • Shark Safety
  • • Conservation, Inspiration, and Parting Thoughts

Ocean Ramsey is one of the world’s leading shark researchers and divers.

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