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Level 2 Freediver

Level 2 Freediver

The F.I.I. Level 2 Freediver course builds upon the foundation established during the Level 1 Freediver course by teaching students how to effectively use the human body processes to safely and comfortably operate up to depths of 100 feet and more.

This class is a must for all enthusiastic freedivers/spearfishermen wishing to expand their knowledge and advance their comfort level to deeper depths.

Course Program

  • • Safety and Problem Management Revision
  • • Specific Techniques for Triggering and Developing the Mammalian Dive Reflex
  • • Equalization
  • • Breathing Exercises and Breathing Technique Development
  • • Physics and Physiology of the Level 2 Freediver
  • • Open-Water Freediving Technique Development
  • • Pool Training Drills to Enhance Depth Comfort
  • • Self-Evaluation Techniques

Other Details

  • • Duration: 3-day program. Minimum 7 hours academic work, 2.5 hours confined water training and 4.5 hours open water depth training (can vary per location and class).
  • • Age Requirement: 16 years or older
  • • Prerequisites: FII Level 1 Freediver or FII Junior Freediver (if applicable) or Waterman Survival EXTENDED certification or equivalent
  • • Depth: 66 feet/20 meters to 132 feet/40 meters
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