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Grade 1-2 Curriculum & Activities

Grade 1-2 Curriculum & Activities

Did you know that a shark is classified as a fish and not a mammal? Can you name any special senses that sharks have?

Our educators and scientists have compiled the most important and up-to-date key facts pertaining to sharks in an easy-to-follow lesson entitled Let’s Investigate Sharks.

This guide is for use with the Let’s Investigate Sharks PowerPoint. It provides key points to discuss for each slide as well as vocabulary words (highlighted in RED) that can be incorporated. It is not necessary to discuss each and every one of the key points. Select the points you wish to discuss or the ones that best coincide with your current curriculum.

Take This Course If You Want to:

  • • Define what a shark is.
  • • Understand the importance of sharks.
  • • Discover where sharks are located.
  • • Learn and count how many sharks species exist
  • • Describe various parts of a shark.

Other Details:

  • Time: 30 minutes (longer if additional options are chosen)


  • • All about sharks full teach packet
  • This packet includes the teaching guide for the PowerPoint PDF, a vocab list, and 2 activities to accompany the lesson. Aligns with NGSS, Common Core, Ocean Literacy, and UN SDGs.
  • • All about sharks PowerPoint PDF
  • Download this Powerpoint presentation PDF and use the guide to teach grade 1 & 2 ( age 6-8) students about these amazing creatures.
  • • All about sharks PowerPoint guide
  • This packet goes with the Let’s Investigate Sharks: All About Sharks Powerpoint PDF. Help grade 1-2 students DIVE into the world of sharks with this teaching guide.
  • • All about sharks’ vocabulary
  • Includes a full vocabulary pack for teaching grade 1-2 students all about sharks and the ecosystem they live in.


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