Snorkeling in Maui: Best Spots, Snorkel Tours, Safety Tips, and More 


There are many incredible spots to explore while snorkeling in Maui, from pristine beaches and secluded coves to rocky reefs and vibrant coral gardens. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced snorkeler, there is something for you in Maui!

To help you plan an unforgettable experience, we created the ultimate Maui snorkeling guide, including information on the best Maui snorkeling spots to check out on a snorkel tour, with important safety tips and more. 

Read on to discover everything you need to know about snorkeling in Maui!

Snorkeling in maui
Snorkeling in maui

What Part of Maui Has the Best Snorkeling Options?

The part of Maui that has the best snorkeling spots is largely a matter of personal preference. Some people enjoy snorkeling along the Kaanapali and Kapalua beach areas, while others prefer more remote spots like Honolua Bay or Molokini Crater. 

However, one thing is certain – no matter where you go in Maui, you are sure to find some amazing snorkeling spots!

What Month is Best for Snorkeling in Maui?

If you are hoping to see as many fish as possible in calm waters, the summer months (May to October) may be ideal. Those interested in seeing green sea turtles and other marine life may prefer the winter months (November to April). 

Essentially, the best time of year for snorkeling in Maui depends on your personal preferences and goals. 

What Animals Can You See in Maui Snorkeling Spots?

When in Maluaka Beach, Black Rock Beach, Kapalua Bay, or any of the best snorkeling spots in Maui, you can see different types of tropical fish, coral, and other sea creatures. 

Some of the more common tropical fish that you can see include parrot fish, angelfish, damselfish, surgeonfish, and trumpetfish. Additionally, you may get the chance to experience swimming with Hawaiian sea turtles, spotted eagle rays, and even dolphins and whales if you are lucky.

Can You Go Snorkeling on Your Own in Maui?

There are some who choose to go on their own. This is typically acceptable if you remain near a small sandy beach while snorkeling, especially a family-friendly beach park. You can rent or purchase snorkeling gear, research the best snorkeling spots online, and even explore some of the snorkeling spots without the help of a tour guide. 

But, if you want to take things to the next level, make the most out of your trip, and explore top spots like Honolua Bay and Molokini Crater, you have to book a snorkel tour or join a group.

How Can You Stay Safe While Snorkeling in Maui?


To stay safe while snorkeling in Maui, it is essential to follow some basic safety precautions, including checking the weather and surf conditions in snorkeling sites, wearing appropriate snorkeling gear, and never going out into the water alone. 

Additionally, you should avoid snorkeling in areas with strong currents or choppy waters without professional guides.

The Complete List of The Best Snorkeling Spots in Maui

For a trip of a lifetime, visit any or all of these snorkeling spots in Maui:

Kapalua Bay

Kapalua bay
Kapalua bay

Kapalua Bay is one of the most popular snorkeling destinations in Maui. The sheltered bay boasts a sandy beach and waters filled with colorful coral and fish. Grab your snorkeling gear, as it’s a great spot for snorkelers of all levels! 

The beach is shaped like a horseshoe, with a rocky wall on one side and a sandy beach on the other.

Kapalua Bay is well-known for its dramatic cliffs, beautiful sunsets, and clear turquoise waters. Visitors can enjoy snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing. There is also a wide range of restaurants and shops nearby. Kapalua Bay is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the stunning scenery of Maui.

Molokini Crater

Molokini crater
Molokini crater

If you are looking for an especially scenic and unique snorkeling spot in Maui, Hawaii, consider exploring the crystal-clear waters of Molokini Crater. The remote location is only accessible on a boat trip and offers excellent visibility of coral and marine ecosystems. 

This islet in Maui, Hawaii, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It’s believed to have formed more than 150,000 years ago. The crescent-shaped volcanic crater is located just off the coast of Maui and is a coveted spot for snorkeling and scuba diving. 

It’s home to a diverse array of marine life, hence why it’s a great location for beginner and experienced divers alike. In addition, the clear waters and coral reefs make it the ideal place for underwater photography. 

It is also a popular site for whale watching, as the crater attracts a variety of whales throughout the year. Whether you’re looking to take part in water activities or simply enjoy the stunning views, it is a must-see destination on your next trip to Maui.

La Perouse Bay

La perouse bay
La perouse bay

La Perouse Bay is a beautiful coastal area that offers amazing views of the islands surrounding Maui. It also has plenty of wonders for snorkelers to discover.

La Perouse Bay is a stunning natural formation located on the island of Maui. The bay was formed by a lava flow that cooled and hardened over time, creating a unique landscape of cliffs, coves, and tidepools. 

Visitors to La Perouse Bay can explore the tidepools, go for a swim, or simply enjoy the sweeping views. The bay is also home to a wide variety of plant and animal life, including several endangered species. For nature lovers, La Perouse Bay is a must-see destination.

Maluaka Beach (Turtle Town)

Turtle town in maui
Turtle town in maui

If you are hoping to see a variety of sea life, including a Hawaiian green sea turtle, dust off your snorkeling gear, as Maluaka Beach may be one of the best Maui snorkeling spots for you! This remote area can be accessed by boat and offers a range of protected coastal areas that are perfect for snorkeling.

Maluaka Beach is one of the most popular turtle nesting sites on the island of Maui, hence why it’s commonly referred to as Turtle Town. Every year, thousands of sea turtles come to the beach to lay their eggs in the sand. 

Turtle Town/Maluaka Beach is also home to a turtle conservation center, where injured turtles are cared for and released back into the wild. Visitors to the beach of Turtle Town can often see a Hawaiian green sea turtle swimming in the shallow water or basking in the sun on the sand. Turtle Town is a must-see for any traveler to Maui.

Black Rock (Ka’anapali Beach)

Ka’anapali beach
Ka’anapali beach

Ka’anapali Beach is one of the most popular snorkeling spots in Maui, thanks to its easy access and warm waters filled with a variety of marine life. You may even have heard of the popular Black Rock, which is at the north end of Ka’anapali Beach. Black Rock is a world-famous spot that offers one of the best snorkeling experiences. 

Whether you want to explore Black Rock and the rest of Ka’anapali Beach on your own or join a guided tour, you are sure to have a great time.

With its sparkling white sand and clear turquoise waters, Black Rock is truly a paradise. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities, such as swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and windsurfing. 

It is also home to a number of hotels and resorts, many of which offer breathtaking oceanfront views. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a family vacation, Black Rock is sure to please.

Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve

Ahihi-kinau natural area reserve
Ahihi-kinau natural area reserve

If you are interested in seeing some of the rarest and most exotic sea creatures, consider heading to Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve. The area can be accessed by boat as well and offers one of the best snorkeling experiences in Maui, thanks to its remote location and abundance of sea life.

Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve is one of the most unique and beautiful places in Hawaii. The area is known for its black lava rocks, which contrast sharply with the bright blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. 

Ahihi-Kinau is home to a wealth of marine life, including Hawaiian green sea turtles, octopi, and Hawaii’s state fish, the humuhumunukunukuapua’a. 

Visitors can explore the area by snorkeling or diving, and there are also several hiking trails that wind through the reserve. Whether you’re looking for a place to enjoy the outdoors or simply want to learn more about Hawaii’s natural history, Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve is well worth a visit.

Napili Beach

Napili beach
Napili beach

Napili Beach (or Napili Bay) is another fantastic choice for both snorkeling and budget-conscious travelers. The beach is located close to several other attractions in Maui, such as the historic whaling town of Lahaina and popular restaurants like the Gazebo Restaurant or the Sea House Restaurant.

Napili Bay is one of the most popular beaches in Maui. It’s a beautiful sandy beach with gentle waves, making it ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and stand-up paddleboarding. 

Located just north of Lahaina, Napili Bay is a great place to snorkel, with a variety of colorful fish and coral to explore. Visitors can also take a short hike to Dragon’s Teeth, a series of unique volcanic formations just offshore. Whether you’re looking to relax or go on an adventure, Napili Bay has something for you.

Makena Beach

Makena beach
Makena beach

Makena Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Maui. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking to escape from the crowds and experience some tranquil snorkeling. 

Makena Beach is also home to Makena Cove, another great spot for snorkeling. It has a wide variety of coral and fish and offers stunning views of the coastline.

Honolua Bay 

Honolua bay
Honolua bay

Honolua Bay is known for its excellent snorkeling conditions. This bay has a rocky beach and is filled with diverse marine life, including coral, fish, and Hawaiian green sea turtles. It is surrounded by rugged lava rocks, which act as natural fish condos, providing a safe space for various sea creatures to hide and thrive.

Honolua Bay is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth. Visitors can enjoy stunning views of the ocean from any number of vantage points, and there are plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained. 

Snorkeling and swimming are popular pastimes in Honolua Bay, and there are also numerous hiking trails that wind through the lush vegetation. It’s a perfect place to relax with the family or embark on an adventure. 

Honolua Bay is sure to exceed your expectations.

Kahekili Beach Park (Airport Beach)

Kahekili beach park
Kahekili beach park

Kahekili Beach Park (Airport Beach) is another excellent choice for snorkelers of all skill levels. It offers calm, shallow water that makes it easy to explore the various coral reefs and other sea life of the area. 

The beach has plenty of amenities as well, including parking, restrooms, showers, picnic tables, and a concession stand. You may also choose to bring your own picnic tables, which is recommended during the peak season. 

Kahekili Beach Park, also known as Airport Beach, is one of the most popular beaches in Maui. The sparkling white sand and clear blue waters make it a perfect place to relax and enjoy the incredible views. The beach is also great for swimming, boogie boarding, and snorkeling. 

Five Graves

Five graves hawaii
Five graves hawaii

Five Graves is a unique snorkeling spot located just off the shore of Kaua‘i. The area was once used for fishing, and even though it is no longer in use, you can still explore the five historic graves that dot the area. If you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of moray eels or dolphins!

The coral gardens are teeming with marine life, including brightly colored fish and Hawaiian green sea turtles. Visitors can also see manta rays and sharks swimming in the deeper waters. Snorkeling at Five Graves is an unforgettable experience that should not be missed during a visit to Maui.


Olowalu hawaii
Olowalu hawaii

If you are looking for something a little more challenging, head to Olowalu, one of the top snorkeling beaches in west Maui. The area has some of the clearest water on the island, but it is more difficult to swim in due to its strong currents.

Snorkeling in Olowalu will be an unforgettable experience. The water is crystal clear, and the reef is teeming with life. You’ll see colorful fish, turtles, and maybe even a dolphin or two. If you’re snorkeling in Olowalu for the first time, be sure to ask the locals for tips on where to find the best spots.

Ho‘okipa Beach Park

Ho‘okipa beach
Ho‘okipa beach

Ho‘okipa Beach Park is a popular spot for experienced windsurfers and kitesurfers, thanks to its consistent winds. If you are interested in snorkeling, the nearby beach offers clear water filled with plenty of fish, coral gardens, and even sea turtles!

Ho‘okipa Beach Park is one of the best places in Maui for snorkeling. Beginner snorkelers will appreciate the gentle waves and the calm water near the shore. 

Experienced snorkelers can even find a few caves to discover. No matter what your level of experience is, Ho‘okipa Beach Park is sure to offer a memorable snorkeling experience.

Wailea Beach 

Wailea beach
Wailea beach

Located on the island of Maui, Wailea Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hawaii. The beach is renowned for its sparkling white sand and clear blue waters, which make it a perfect spot for swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling. 

In addition, Wailea Beach is surrounded by luxury hotels and resorts, making it easy to find a place to stay. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of activities, such as golfing, shopping, and dining. With its beautiful setting and wide range of amenities, it’s no wonder that Wailea Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Hawaii.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced snorkeler, Maui has countless spots to explore. Be sure to pack your wetsuit and snorkel gear before heading out on the water!

What Are Maui Snorkeling Essentials?

Maui is a world-renowned destination for snorkeling. The clear water and abundance of marine life make it a popular activity for visitors and locals alike. If you’re planning to snorkel in Maui, make sure to pack the following essentials:

  1. Swimming clothes: To snorkel Maui waters, a swimsuit or rashguard and board shorts are ideal. Make sure also to pack a cover-up or a shirt to wear when you’re not in the water.
  2. Sunscreen: The sun is strong in Maui, so be sure to protect yourself with reef-safe sunscreen.
  3. Towel: Bring a towel to dry off after your swim.
  4. Hat: A wide-brimmed hat will help protect you from the sun.
  5. Sunglasses: Protect your eyes from glare with a good pair of sunglasses.
  6. Water shoes: If you’re going to be snorkeling in rocky areas, water shoes will help protect your feet.
  7. Drinking water: Stay hydrated while in the ocean by bringing plenty of water to drink.
  8. GoPro or any other waterproof camera: Capture your snorkeling adventure with a GoPro or any other waterproof sports cam.
  9. Snorkel gear: Most beaches in Maui allow you to rent snorkeling gear, but it’s always good to bring your own if you have it. This might include a snorkel, a mask, fins, and a wetsuit.

With these essentials, you’ll be ready to explore the incredible underwater world of Maui!

5 Maui Snorkeling Safety Tips 

Maui snorkeling
Maui snorkeling

With the following tips in mind, you can have a safe and fun snorkeling experience in Maui:

1. Start out in a calm and protected area (for beginners)

The reefs around Maui are beautiful, but they can also be dangerous if you are not familiar with the area. Before going into deeper water, make sure to start out in a calm and protected area where you can get comfortable with your gear and feel confident in the water.

2. Heed the warnings of lifeguards and other beach personnel

They are there to keep you safe and will let you know if an area is closed off or too dangerous for swimming. Always listen to their advice and stay out of closed areas. 

This is also why it’s recommended to book a snorkel tour or hire a guide for your first few times snorkeling, as they will know the best snorkeling spot at any given time on any given day. They can also give you the latest updates on snorkeling warnings and regulations.

3. Always snorkel with a buddy

It is always a good idea to go to snorkeling spots with a buddy, especially if you are new to the activity or going into deeper waters. This will help ensure your safety, as well as provide you with some company while exploring.

4. Stay aware of your surroundings

There are many things in the ocean that can harm you, such as coral, rocks, urchins,  and jellyfish. It’s easy to get caught up in the beauty of your surroundings while snorkeling, but it’s important to stay aware of what’s going on around you. 

Pay attention to currents, obstacles, and other swimmers in your Maui snorkeling spot so that you can avoid potential hazards.

5. Be prepared!

As mentioned earlier, make sure to pack plenty of sunscreen, water, and other essentials. It’s also beneficial to bring snacks and a first-aid kit. Being prepared can help make your snorkeling experience safer and more enjoyable.

Best Snorkeling Tours in Maui

Snorkeling tours in maui
Snorkeling tours in maui

There are many different types of snorkeling tours available in Maui, ranging from small group excursions to boat tours and private charters.

A reputable snorkel tour in Maui is led by experienced guides who will provide you with all the necessary equipment and instruction. They’ll also give you tips on how to spot some of the island’s colorful marine life. 

So, if you’re looking for a unique way to experience Maui’s natural beauty, be sure to book a Maui snorkel tour!

Features and Inclusions of a Maui Snorkel Tour

Maui Snorkel Tours include a variety of features and inclusions. Some of the most common features and inclusions of Maui Snorkel Tours include:

  1. Snorkel equipment (so you don’t need to rent snorkeling gear)
  2. A guided snorkel tour with an experienced guide
  3. Access to some of the best snorkeling spots on Maui
  4. A light breakfast or snack and lunch
  5. A complimentary drink such as water, juice, soda, or beer

Most Maui Snorkel Tours also offer optional add-ons, such as photos of your group snorkeling, beach mats, and umbrellas.

Do You Need Fins to Snorkel in Maui?

Many people do use fins when snorkeling in Maui, as they can make it easier to move through the water and explore deeper areas. However, you do not necessarily need fins in order to snorkel in Maui.

If you are not comfortable using fins or prefer a more casual style of snorkeling, you can visit areas in Maui that are shallow or have calm waters. 

Additionally, there are many different types of fins and snorkel gear available, so you can easily find a set that is right for your needs and experience level. Ultimately, the choice to use fins or not is up to you, and it depends on your comfort level and what you are looking for during your snorkeling experience.

How Long Can You Stay Under While Snorkeling?

The length of time that you can stay under while snorkeling will vary depending on the conditions of the water and your individual physiology. 

In general, most people can hold their breath for around one minute when snorkeling. However, this can be affected by factors such as age, physical fitness level, the temperature of the water, and water pressure.

If you are new to snorkeling, it may be a good idea to start with shorter periods of time under the water and work your way up over time. This will help ensure that you are safe and comfortable during your snorkeling experience. And if you want to spend more time in the water, you can always go back for additional snorkeling sessions!

Can You Touch Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles in Maui?

Green sea turtle
Green sea turtle

While you can often see turtles while snorkeling in the waters surrounding Maui, it is generally not recommended to touch them. This is because touching or disturbing marine life can disrupt their natural behaviors and habitats. This can impact their survival and overall health.

That said, there are some places in Maui where touching turtles may be allowed. For example, some snorkeling tours may allow you to touch turtles if they are already accustomed to being around people. If you are not sure whether touching is allowed, it is always best to ask your guide or tour operator before interacting with any marine life.

Can You Go Shark Diving in Maui?

Yes, you can go shark diving in Maui. There are many companies on the island that offer shark diving experiences for visitors. 

If you are interested in shark diving, be sure to do your research ahead of time and choose a reputable company with an experienced guide. This will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience while diving with sharks in Maui!

Are Maui’s Waters Safe For Swimming?

Maui’s waters are generally safe for swimming, as the ocean is protected by coral reefs. However, it is important to be cautious when swimming in any ocean, as there are always potential dangers. Some things to consider when deciding whether to swim in Maui’s waters include the weather conditions, water temperature, and the presence of strong currents.

Marine Life Conservation District: Important Notice for Tourists 

The Hawaiian Islands are home to a remarkable diversity of marine life, and the waters around Maui are no exception. In order to protect this valuable resource, the state of Hawaii has established the Marine Life Conservation District of Maui. 

Marine life hawaii
Marine life hawaii

The protected area encompasses nearly 200 miles of coastline, extending from Molokini to Lana’i. Within the district, commercial fishing is prohibited, and strict regulations are in place to protect against pollution and other threats.

Make sure to talk to a reputable snorkeling tour guide or any person of authority to ensure adherence of Hawaii Administrative Rules on Protected Marine Reserves. 

The Marine Life Conservation District of Maui provides a haven for countless fish, birds, and other creatures. In addition to promoting the health of the marine ecosystem, the district provides opportunities for educational activities and recreation. 

Visitors can snorkel or dive among the vibrant coral reefs, go whale watching, or simply enjoy the natural beauty of the area. By protecting Maui’s marine life, the district helps to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy its wonders.

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