Slaughterhouse Beach: Explore Like a Local


If you’re looking for a breathtaking yet secluded beach to explore on your trip to Maui, Slaughterhouse Beach in Mokuleia Bay is the perfect spot for you. With its clear blue waters, secluded location, coarse golden sand, and lush green vegetation, it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy nature at its finest.

A Secluded, Nice Sandy Beach

Slaughterhouse Beach in Mokuleia Bay is widely considered to be one of the best beaches in Maui. A secluded beach that’s nestled within the trees, it feels like an escape from the world. Its azure waters allow good snorkeling, fishing, and other activities.

Those searching for more of an adventure can take a stroll down its sandy shoreline or enjoy a picnic underneath its trees. All visitors simply need to bring their own gear as there are no amenities located directly in the area. However, they will be rewarded with a peaceful experience in one of the island’s hidden gems.

Mokule’ia’s Protected Reef

Mokule’ia Beach, as its Hawaiian name suggests, is especially beloved for its reef systems, which are protected under the Marine Life Conservation District. 

Mokule’ia means the “district of abundance.” Accordingly, it is illegal to fish or take any resources from this protected marine preserve. Special signs near the beach access remind people to wear only reef-safe sunscreens as an additional precaution for preserving the precious coral on all of Mokule’ia Bay.

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The Mokule’ia Bay ecosystems provide multiple benefits. They feed and nurture marine life, offer a safe haven for fish species to live and reproduce and protect the island from erosion by breaking down wave energy. 

Each time visitors snorkel, dive, or surf in these vibrant waters, they should keep one rule firmly in mind – never touch or disturb the coral! It is an incredibly fragile organism that must be respected.

Where Is Slaughterhouse Beach, Maui?

Slaughterhouse Beach is located in Mokule’ia Bay in the north end of West Maui, about two and a half miles from Kapalua. You can find it off the Honoapiilani Highway (mile marker #32.2) in between Honokahua and Honolua Bays.  

Is Slaughterhouse Beach Far from Honolua Bay?

No, it’s not. It is actually very close to Honolua Bay. In fact, it’s only a minute away by car.

Why Is It Called Slaughterhouse Beach?

The unusual and rather savage name “Slaughterhouse Beach” is due to Honolua Ranch Slaughterhouse, an old cow slaughterhouse and a tanning and storage shed that used to be located on the cliff’s edge overlooking Mokuleia Bay. 

Now, it’s a popular spot for locals and tourists alike to take in stunning ocean views, walk on sandy shorelines or swim in pristine waters. 

Is Slaughterhouse Beach Busy?

Slaughterhouse Beach is not very large and has very limited parking, but it is a popular spot for travelers and locals alike. While not as busy as other Maui beaches, it can get quite crowded during peak season. 

However, there are usually plenty of secluded spots away from the main beach where you can enjoy some privacy. 

What Can You Do at Slaughterhouse Beach?

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This beautiful beach is a great place for a wide range of activities. 


Snorkeling at the location is a truly remarkable experience. This beach offers beautiful waters, stunning coral reefs, and schools of colorful fish. If you’re lucky, you may even spot some sea turtles while exploring the depths!

The water here is shallow. So, it’s a great place for families with children and beginner snorkeling enthusiasts. 

Scuba Diving

This Maui gem is also a perfect place for an unforgettable scuba diving experience. Visibility underwater is clear, and the temperature is around 70-78 degrees Fahrenheit, making conditions optimal for amazing dives. 

You’ll be able to spot creatures such as Hawaiian green turtles, octopuses, gorgeous coral reefs, and other sea life. 

Boogie Boarding

This stunning beach offers crystal-clear waters, perfect for catching some moderate to big waves. Boogie boarding here is an exhilarating experience, no matter what your experience level is. 

Since the water is shallow, it’s great for children and less experienced boogie boarders. Yet, there are also options for experienced boogie boarders who come here to discover larger, rolling barrels.

A kid using a boogie board
A kid using a boogie board


The long stretches of shoreline offer surfers consistent, year-round waves that are perfect for just about any type of surfing skill level.

With some strategic planning and timing, even advanced surfers can take advantage of the large surf that rolls through, especially during winter months. Those looking for a quiet surfing experience also won’t be disappointed. The location often offers breaks from crowds, allowing you to enjoy the waves and scenery in peace.


A swim around Mokule’ia Bay is an incredible experience for anyone looking for a picture-perfect destination. It’s easy to access, and the picturesque turquoise waters, sand sea bottom, dramatic shoreline, and variety of sea life make it a special place to visit.

When Is the Best Time to Come to Slaughterhouse Beach in Maui?

If you’re looking for a more intimate experience, visit Slaughterhouse Beach in the morning. You will have plenty of time and space to explore its beauty when the tide is low. You’re also more likely to secure a parking spot if you come early. 

Summer months offer calmer waters which can be a good time for families with small children as well as less experienced surfers. The beach, however, can get busy during the summer. Winter months tend to be quieter, yet waters become choppier. 

Leave No Trace

Slaughterhouse Beach, Maui, is a pristine beach. So, take nothing, and leave nothing behind. It’s very important that we leave nature in its pristine form for future generations to enjoy.

How to Get to Slaughterhouse Beach in Maui?

Slaughterhouse Beach is situated in the West Maui region. Getting to this stunning beach from any town in West Maui is quite easy. Simply drive north along Honoapiilani Hwy (Highway 30). The beach and its parking lot are located about 2.5 miles past the town of Kapalua before you reach Honolua Bay.

Once you park, you’ll need to take the stairs to get to the beach. It’s a 90-step staircase, and it can get tricky for older visitors, especially at the bottom, where it gets uneven.

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Facilities near Slaughterhouse Beach

Slaughterhouse Beach, Maui, is remote and somewhat of a “hidden gem.” Thanks to its limited parking area, the beach often remains relatively uncrowded. 

There are no stores, restaurants, facilities, or lifeguards on site. You can enjoy some peace and quiet with your loved ones, but make sure that you are aware of your safety, especially when traveling with small children. 

Don’t let that discourage you. Kapalua is only a short drive away, and it has plenty of amenities. 

Can You Park at Slaughterhouse Beach?

Unfortunately, parking isn’t possible directly at the beach, but there’s some limited roadside parking. There is no guarantee you’ll get a spot, and it requires quite a bit of walking to make it all the way down.

Are There Restrooms at Slaughterhouse Beach?

Unfortunately, there are no restrooms on-site. So, if you plan to visit the beach, it is a good idea to plan restroom stops ahead of time. And make sure that you bring an ample supply of water, too, since there are no drinking fountains either.

What Can You Do Nearby?

While there are no facilities on site, Slaughterhouse Beach is close to a host of attractions and amenities. So, you can make a full day out of your visit.

Right next to it is Honolua Bay, one of the most picturesque spots on the island, with some excellent surfing options. A few miles away is Kapalua, which is home to some amazing restaurants and popular stores, as well as other nearby attractions or entertainment areas such as golf courses and spas. 

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